BLKTEC is more than a brand. It’s the coming together of passion, expertise and that never-ending drive to deliver next-generation components. Committed to meeting the needs of competitive cyclists, we closely align ourselves with 4 key pillars that define us — design, simplicity, integrity and performance.

As designers, craftsmen, engineers and cyclists we strive to deliver ever-more innovative solutions. In this constantly evolving market, riders demand ever lighter, efficient and increasingly robust equipment.


An in-house design and manufacturing team

We maintain complete control over our processes from start to finish. From conception through manufacturing and final testing, it’s all carried out in our production facility in Taiwan. With an attention to detail that’s unmatched, we’ve honed consistent designs with a build quality and performance that our customers have come to trust.


Like every dedicated cyclist, we truly go the extra mile. Our products are tested to beyond the point of failure as we push them further in testing than the pros ever will. With our rigorous, industry-accredited machine testing, we’re driven by the vision of next-generation road machines. Integral to that vision is delivering that confidence-inspiring ride that lets you too safely push beyond your limits.


Delivering speed

With streamlined precision that delivers on performance, our product line is engineered to make you faster. It’s the simplicity of our designs and the integrity we hold that makes BLKTEC stand apart on the quest to deliver next-generation performance.


One question dominates the process of every single product we produce here at
BLKTEC, informing our thoughts and decisions from the drawing board right through to the finished item.

That question is:

What does the rider expect from this piece of equipment?

Every time, it comes down to four elements:Design, Simplicity,
Integrity and Performance.

Performance, you could say, is the most crucial to the rider, yet without excellent design by experienced engineers who are committed to simplicity in function and form, and without an integrity of materials that are chosen, the highest possible level of performance becomes impossible.

We guarantee that level of performance because every single one of our products undergoes rigorous, industry-accredited machine testing in our state-of-the-art engineering facility and then goes out on the road for more real-life testing by our sponsored test riders, sometimes for weeks, often for months.

We expect the same things from our products, products that we ourselves ride every day, that you do.

Design. Simplicity. Integrity. Performance.

Nothing is worth doing if you are not going to do it right. Demand the best. Expect the best. Ride the best.