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Fully integrate your cockpit with the Token Cable Box System for the most streamlined aero cable routing solution available. The M6 stem completes a full internal cable routing setup with a uni-directional carbon fiber monocoque design and a -10° stem angle. Effortlessly install or upgrade your cockpit with the Token system to achieve optimal aerodynamics and a clean, elegant profile for your bike. Available in lengths 90/100/110/120 mm.


  • Plug-and-play solution with the Token Cable Box System
  • Full or semi-internal cable routing
  • -10° stem angle
  • Uni-directional carbon monocoque design
  • Satin finish with BLKTEC logo
  • Sizes: 90/100/110/120 mm


  • Easy to install with the Token Cable Box System
  • Fewer edges from exterior cables means less drag
  • -10° angle helps promote a more aero position
  • UD carbon monocoque design combines beautifully with BLKTEC bars for a fluid look
Length L (mm)EX90-130
Angle A (degree)79.8
Bar clamp diameter BD∅31.8
Bar clamp width BW40
Steerer diameter SD∅28.6
Steerer height SH40