io̍klîn X BLKTEC Collaboration Project

January 19, 2023

Full Internal Cable Routing on Gravel Bike

For this project with handcrafted bicycle frame building workshop io̍klîn , we have combined the latest full internal cable routing technology with the hottest Gravel bike models from Europe and America. The frame is made using low-temperature fillet brazing and equipped with Columbus ioklin selection Gravel tubing, T47-68. The hanger is a syntace X-12 adjustable through axle RD Hanger. The iconic ioklin handmade lathe stamp seat post clamp is paired with a double-curved rear upper fork specifically designed for wide tires, which are compatible with up to 700X50C. The entire bike uses BLKtec-developed full internal cable routing components paired with the SHIMANO GRX DI2 RX-815 Gravel-specific electronic shifting system.

Rust spot define the meaning of Gravel bike 

The paint scheme features Mordandi blue as the main color and intentionally creates a conflict between new and old with distressed and battle-damaged finishes, rust spots, and BLKtec C1D wheelsets. If you have the chance to see the actual bike in person, you will notice that every rust spot and distressed finish was deliberately designed, even retaining details such as sweat stains and water marks.

In the past, many people in the custom bike market hoped to simplify cable routing,  even to the point of fully concealing it. However, due to development costs, small custom studios found it difficult to achieve this goal. They needed special designs for the fork, stem, and handlebars, as well as a specially planned headset to accommodate internal wiring. Therefore, people could only watch production carbon bikes with sleek lines and drool.

In the meantime, many foreign studios attempted to modify their own bikes but failed due to inadequate strength or tragic occurrences.

Finally, with the efforts of various professional component  suppliers, this goal has been achieved. The custom bike market accounts for about 5-8% of the global sports bike (excluding commuter bicycles) market. To be honest, developing this market is a thankless task. It takes a lot of effort, time, and research to develop and test molds, not to mention coordinating with other component suppliers  for integrated specifications.

But even so, there are always people like me who are passionate about bicycles, willing to challenge and innovate, and silently advancing towards the top, even if no one cares. In addition to this foolishness, we share the same pride: “Made in Taiwan.”

Thanks to every Taiwan manufacturer who has quietly contributed to the bicycle industry. Because of you, we have broken through more impossibilities together and made Taiwan’s value visible to the world.